Kindermusik Classes from September

Thanks for visiting Kindermusik with Miss Nanami blog!

Need some places to meet new friends 
for you and your little one?
Come to the trial class!
You will enjoy the music, instruments, 
dance, story time, etc, and etc...
Experience the Kindermusik curriculum 
designed to fit the child's development.

Kindermusik With Miss Nanami! 

♪Classes Open From September!

Dates: 9/13, 9/20, 9/27 (Wednesdays)
       10/4, 10/11, 10/18 (Wednesdays)

Time: 9:30am for babies (0-2 year-old)
     10:30am for toddlers (2-3 year-old)

Place: Kohoku Kokaido, "Washitsu" on 2nd floor
(Building next to  Kohoku Ward Government Office)

Fee: 1500yen each class (1000yen for a trial)

*Members should attend classes at least twice a month.

*Digital material is included in the lesson fee!

Come and join Miss Nanami’s Kindermusik classes and make friends, enjoy the relaxing time with your baby/toddler filled with music and fun!
You will enjoy singing, dancing, and using musical instruments and having bonding time with your little one(s)!


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